Welcome to Athens Brain & Spine.

Our mission is to provide the most up-to-date neurosurgical care for you in a setting where you are known and respected.

What We Do

Our Services 

Spinal Disorders

  • Evaluation and treatment of cervical and lumbar disc disease

  • Coordination of nonsurgical treatment plans

  • Minimally invasive, microscopic outpatient surgery for spinal problems

  • Complex spine instrumentation/fusion for spinal trauma and deformity

Brain Disorders

  • Concussion evaluation and treatment

  • Management of traumatic brain injury

  • Biopsy and computer-guided craniotomy for brain tumors

  • Multidisciplinary management of pituitary tumors

  • Shunt procedures for hydrocephalus

Peripheral Nerve

  • Surgical and nonsurgical management of peripheral nerve disorders

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Ulnar neuropathy

  • Peroneal nerve palsy

  • Brachial plexopathy

  • Nerve tumors

  • Nerve biopsy and repair

Treatment Options

  • Care coordination and education for nonsurgical management of neurosurgical problems

  • State-of-the-art complex spine surgery

  • Minimally invasive microsurgical treatment for spine and brain problems

  • The only neurosurgical provider of stereotactic radiosurgery treatment for cancer in Athens area


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Located within Medical Services Building

We are proudly located on the second floor of the Medical Services Building on the campus of Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center. While our office, staff and systems are located on the Piedmont Athens Regional Campus we maintain privileges and practice medicine at other area locations and hospitals.

Address: 242 King Avenue

Medical Services Building | First Floor Ste. 130

Phone: 1 (706) 475-1870

Fax: + 1 (706) 475-1879