About Us

Welcome to the Athens Brain & Spine Center. We are a patient centered clinic dedicated to bringing you the best possible treatment options for cranial and spinal conditions. The way we see it, every patient is unique, and that means the way you’re treated should be also. While many neurological surgeons measure success by the number of patients they rush in and out of their offices and operating rooms, Athens Brain & Spine defines success by the number of people who are able to live better lives after receiving our care.

Our mission is to provide the most up-to-date neurosurgical care for you in a setting where you are known and respected. We believe that medical care is a team effort, shared by you and all of us in this office. We will do our very best to respect your time and effort by explaining every step in your treatment and working to develop a plan that makes sense in your daily work and family life. An important part of that is providing educational counseling about disease processes and overall health maintenance to you. We ask that you play an active role in this conversation, by asking questions and by being honest about your concerns and limitations.

Providing the best care for you means that we need to be fully informed about your medical history, your medications and lifestyle. Your privacy will be respected. Please bring all medications you take to your appointment, including prescriptions, over the counter medicines and herbal supplements. You will also need to bring current copies of insurance cards, driver’s license or other identification.

Records of previous surgery or treatment will be important, as will copies of recent blood work, and disks containing X-rays or MRIs. Contact information for your primary care doctor will also be helpful, so that we can keep everyone involved in your health care informed of your treatment here.

Thank you for choosing Athens Brain & Spine. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve better quality of life. If you need to schedule an appointment with us, please visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!