Before Your Appointment

If you would prefer to email the completed forms back, you may do so by sending to, fax them to 706-475-1879, or mail them to Athens Brain & Spine 242 King Ave Ste. 130 Athens, GA 30606.

When you visit our office for the first time, please arrive 30 minutes early in order to complete your medical history sheet. It’s important to bring all previous x-rays and scans, as well as your medical records that pertain to your diagnosis. We need this information in order to assess your condition. Also remember to bring a list of all medications you are currently taking, a list of any allergies you have, and your insurance information. If your insurance requires a referral from your primary care provider, please do this prior to your first visit.

We make every effort to be on time, and if emergencies arise that change our schedule, we will inform you of that delay as soon as possible to allow you to adjust your day or reschedule your appointment. By arriving a few minutes before your scheduled time for return visits and 30 minutes prior to your first appointment to take care of any paperwork, you will help us stay on time. If you find yourself delayed or need to reschedule your appointment, please call us.

Disability Form Policy

Athens Brain & Spine will complete disability forms as needed for any of our patients. Please allow 10-14 days after the time we receive the form to complete it. Indicate when you provide us the form if you will be picking it up if you would rather have it faxed/emailed to you or your employer.

Results Review Policy

We make every effort to get back to you with results of testing as soon as possible. Most results will be available and called to you within 7-10 days of test being completed. Dr. Walpert or Dr. Patil personally reviews all images and radiology interpretation of studies, and this does take some additional time. If you have an MRI or xrays performed outside of Athens, it can take significantly longer to get those results. You will be responsible for having those studies delivered to our office for review before we can relay those results. Facilities outside of Athens and Open MRI in Athens do not deliver to our office.

If you have not been called with results in 10 days, please leave us a message on our phone line so that we can find and review these tests.