Diving Has Serious Risks In Water That’s Too Shallow

Diving Risks

A nice dip in the pool or the lake is extremely refreshing this time of year! However, the risk factors that come with a quick jump or dive can be dangerous if you don’t practice diving safety. Before you dive into any body of water, make sure that the water’s depth is more than twice your height. Diving safety is extremely crucial and you’ll be thankful you took the time to check the depth instead of risking injury.

Your summer fun doesn’t have to come to a halt. When it’s hot and humid outside, a swim is very refreshing. Simply check your surroundings before making a splash! If you aren’t sure of the water’s depth, keep it safe and wade into the water. You’ll still have the chance to enjoy a swim!

We think this infographic released by The Shepherd Center is on-point in regard to diving safety. Check out the statistics associated with unsafe diving. It is eye-opening to know that most injured divers are adults! This goes to show that no matter your age or experience in swimming, a diving injury can happen to anyone.