Start Your Morning Right

Our mornings are special and unique to each of us. Whether you love them or struggle getting out of your bed every morning, we all have a morning routine that brings us some sort of joy. Starting your morning off right with something you enjoy sets the tone for the rest of your day. Here at Athens Brain and Spine, we all really value our bright and early mornings. Here is a peek into our daily routines before you see us at the office!

Dr. Walpert:

I was headed back to my house from the gym a few mornings ago, looking at the stars and breathing in the nice cool air when it struck me how good it feels to start my days like this. An hour of hard strength training with weights, cardio on a rowing machine or a good solid run outside makes me feel strong and ready for the day. I am sure not 20 anymore, and my exercise routine has changed over the years in many ways, but getting up and beginning my work or weekend day like that gives me focus and energy....and makes me proud of myself for making time and climbing out of that bed to do something just good for myself! Whether it is just me alone, me with a friend or one of my boys, it is always worth pushing through that urge to stay under the blankets. Worth loving ourselves....

Donna Martin:

I like to start my day out by getting up before anyone else does. I take my sweet dog out for a morning walk at 5. Sometimes we walk with my neighbor and get some girl talk in or sometimes it is just the two of us enjoying being outside and getting some exercise. I then come back home and enjoy the first cup of coffee for the morning. Next it is time to get ready and wake up my two daughters. I fix them breakfast and pack their lunches all the while chatting about the events of the upcoming day with the kids and my husband. It is a great time to focus on the people I love as we all are about to head our different ways for the day!

Stephanie Smith:

The morning time is my favorite time. I am a morning person! I start my day with coffee and quiet time. I like to have quiet time in the mornings to pray, reflect, and prepare for the day before my children and husband wake up. But, loving on my children and husband in the mornings is what keeps me smiling through the day and starting each day positive. I realize just how blessed I am by seeing their smiling faces each day and it makes my heart full! My husband and I tell our children each morning to make good choices and be a leader. I think that is something we should each try and do! The one thing I tell myself is, if I can help one person each day or help someone to smile each day, then I feel like I have accomplished something!

Kara Whyte:

I will admit that I am not a "morning person", but the time I get in the morning with my family is something I treasure. Sitting down at the table to eat breakfast and talk about the activities for the day is something I will miss as my children start to "fly the coop.” I also enjoy the few minutes I get with my husband getting breakfast and lunches ready, he is incredible about being able to focus on tasks and watch sports center...amazing. Can't forget how great it is that the dogs are always there with an energetic "good morning greeting" with tails wagging.

Melinda Watson:

I try to start the morning at 5:00 am with a run, unless my sweet rescue pup, Clovis, is lying on my feet. In that case, I treat us both to an extra hour of sleep. I give my husband a goodbye kiss and I must admit that I give my two dogs a goodbye kiss as well. I have a 30-minute commute so I use that time to listen to NPR and plan my day. When the weather is nice I walk into work from our offsite parking lot and that gets me energized for a day of taking care of our patients.

Wes Anderson:

I wake up to music and keep it going throughout my morning routine. Music gets me moving and in a good mood to keep my going throughout the day. Also, instead of coffee, I enjoy a Coke Zero to get my morning caffeine to get me energized.

Victoria Fincher:

I start my morning by kissing my daughter on the head as she is still sleeping. I get in the car and talk to my Lord, listen to some music to get myself ready for the day. I always remind myself that what happens that day the Lord will help me through.

What’s your morning routine look like? What brings you joy? Start your morning off right and seize the day!