Eating These Foods Could Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

Exercise and healthy habits can help lower your blood pressure—and so can these foods!

1. Reds - Beets and Berries

Beets are high in nitric oxide which opens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Berries are rich in flavonoids which helps lower blood pressure.

2. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens high in potassium helps your kidneys flush out sodium which helps reduce blood pressure. Stick to fresh or frozen varieties of kale, arugula, romaine, spinach, swiss chard, turnip greens, beet greens, or collard greens.

3. Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium which helps your kidneys flush out sodium. Try a sliced banana in your morning oatmeal for a high fiber, low sodium breakfast.

4. Fish with Omega-3s

Not only is fish a great source for lean protein, fatty fish like salmon or mackerel are high in omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids can lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and lower triglycerides.

5. Pistachios

Eating a handful of pistachios is a great way to help reduce blood pressure. Pistachios reduce blood vessel tightening and heart rate.