Like Talking to Your Best Friend

As a mother, you are responsible for more than just yourself. It’s the hardest, but most rewarding role in your life. Yet what happens when this role is threatened by something beyond your control? Something that could possibly take your life? It doesn’t only affect you, but your entire family.

When Traci Mask found out that she had a softball size tumor pressing against her brain, her most overwhelming fear revolved around her two children. She yearned to watch them grow. Her role as their mother was of utmost importance to her. A tumor was not what she had in mind when thinking about the future of her family.

Traci found her way to Dr. Kimberly Walpert through recommendations by other doctors and friends. Scared for her life, she entered Dr. Walpert’s office unsure of what could possibly be done to save her life. Yet Dr. Walpert managed to calm her worries immediately. Traci felt a sense of peace as she spoke with Dr. Walpert about the surgery required to remove the tumor. Dr. Walpert understood Traci’s concern over her children and would do whatever it took to keep her on this earth. Traci trusted Dr. Walpert with her life and now lives on to be the best mother she can possibly be!

Traci Mask