She’s One Of My Heroes

If you have a tumor in your 50s, 60s or even 70s, many doctors will operate without much question. However, when Dr. Bill Shuman was told that he had a tumor on his spinal cord, his age came into question. An operation of that magnitude on a 90 year old terrified even the greatest surgeons.

Dr. Shuman says that all he could do was scream from the agonizing pain caused by the tumor. Living with the tumor would leave him with a low quality of life that was practically unbearable… Until Dr. Walpert stepped in. She didn’t let his age stop her. He was healthy and putting him to sleep was something that she knew he could survive.

Today, Dr. Shuman stands and walks with more ease and confidence than most men his age. He says that it’s all thanks to Dr. Walpert, his hero!

Dr. Shuman